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Protomanni & Associates handles matters throughout all of Ontario, offering our clients a full range of legal services. Please click on the practice areas below for more information.

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Our Real Estate Lawyers can close your real estate transaction. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or need to refinance your mortgage, Protomanni & Associates can handle all of your real estate needs. Our firm offers digital or remote signing of documents, and does everything possible to make your real estate transaction, seamless. Call us today!

Being charged with a criminal offence can have life changing consequences.  Not only can it be a frightening experience but having a criminal record can limit one’s ability to obtain employment.  Our criminal lawyers have the necessary experience to handle all criminal matters, from basic to the most complex.  Both David Protomanni and Michael Peterson excel at lengthy and complex litigation including, applications under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, bail reviews, appeals and jury trials.


David and Michael established a trusting relationship with the bench and bar, and advocate for the best possible result.  Our goal is to move your matter along quickly, whether it be a speedy resolution or litigating your matter in all levels of court.

Going through the breakdown of a marriage can be devastating to all parties involved, especially children.  Our family lawyers are sympathetic to your needs and vigorously argue your position.


Each and every family case is unique.  Our family lawyers are experienced with all areas of family law including: divorce, parenting time, spousal and child support, urgent motions, mobility matters, division of property, separation agreements, domestic contracts, religious marriage contracts, adoption, and cross-border family law issues.


Ms. Addario and Ms. Nabuurs not only fiercely advocate their client’s position but are compassionate and sensitive to your time of need.

Our senior employment lawyer handles all types of employment matters throughout all of Ontario. He represents both employees as well as companies who need legal assistance. With his extensive knowledge and vast experience handling hundreds of employment cases, he is well-equipped to provide you with cost-effective and pragmatic solutions so you can achieve the best possible result in any given situation.

A Will can be the most important document drafted in your lifetime.  It not only allows you to determine how your want your property and assets divided, but also name a guardian for your children should you pass away unexpectedly.


Family dynamics and grief can lead to complications over the estate of a loved one.  Protomanni & Associates takes pride and care in designing your Will in a way that anticipates and avoids disputes and unwarranted litigation.  Should the need arise for litigation, Protomanni & Associates will fiercely advocate your position and guide you through the court process.

Being involved in any civil lawsuit, whether you are commencing or defending it, can be very stressful, intricate, and time-consuming for any business or individual. Our civil litigators are experienced, compassionate, and will advocate your position throughout all stages of the litigation process.


Our civil litigators have experience in many areas of the law, including: construction disputes, issues tied to the sale and ownership of land, commercial litigation (such as breach of contract or the end of a business partnership), nuisance, landlord and tenant disputes, and many more. Whether advancing a case to a trial or hearing, or negotiating a settlement on your behalf, our civil litigators will advise you of your options and will work diligently to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our courts are human institutions and even careful judges and juries can make mistakes. An appeal is when one side, either the defence or the prosecution, seeks to have the result of a trial overturned by a higher court. The defence may wish to appeal against a conviction and the prosecution may wish to appeal against an acquittal. Either way, the appeal process prolongs an accused person’s journey through the criminal justice system.


The appeal courts are mostly concerned with errors of law – when a trial judge applies the wrong legal test or standard. However, appeal courts are sometimes concerned with errors of fact – when a trial judge makes a serious and unreasonable finding of fact. Commonly-appealed errors include: when a judge misapprehends the evidence, when a judge fails to properly instruct the jury on the law, when a judge erroneously allows tainted evidence into the trial, or when a judge or jury renders an unreasonable verdict.


At Protomanni & Associates, senior counsel Michael Peterson has dedicated years to appealing criminal convictions at the Court of Appeal of Ontario. Our lawyers are experienced appeal lawyers. We work to ensure that reasonable and hard-won acquittals are upheld and that unreasonable or wrongful convictions are overturned. 

With our office so close to the Canada-US border, we represent many clients that find themselves with legal troubles upon entering Canada, namely, criminal charges.

Our scope of practice focuses on representation for all offences contrary to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario and other Acts that are related to driving. Offences such as speeding, careless driving, disobeying a red light or stop sign, drive while under suspension and stunt driving are some examples of offences found in the Highway Traffic Act. Don't do it alone. Call us for your free consultation.

We handle both sides of landlord and tenant disputes, we understand the impact of every decision. We will diligently review your situation to find the best course of action. Our lawyers are familiar with both the Residential Tenancies Act, as well as the Commercial Tenancies Act.

Family Mediation is a process that uses a neutral facilitator to organize discussion and settlement of a family law situation. The parties would meet with an accredited Family Mediator in a general information session that overviews the mediation process and mutual needs of both individuals.


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