The Firm Takes Root in Windsor, Ontario:

Every remarkable journey starts with a vision, and ours was rooted in a deep commitment to championing the rights of both employees and employers in the complex world of employment law. From the early days of our inception, we were drawn to the intricacies of workplace dynamics and the profound impact that employment law can have on individuals and organizations alike.

Protecting Workers’ Rights:

Our commitment to employment law means that we are tireless advocates for workers facing termination and severance challenges. We pride ourselves on the compassionate and resolute support we offer employees who find themselves in uncertain times, ensuring their rights are protected and their future secured.

Guiding Employers with Workplace Policies:

We understand the unique challenges faced by employers in managing a workforce. We advise and represent employers with crafting and enforcing workplace policies that foster positive environments, promote compliance, and protect against potential legal issues.

The Fight Against Discrimination:

Discrimination has no place in the modern workplace. We specialize in combatting human rights violations and discrimination. We have unwavering dedication to advocating for employees that have experienced discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and religion.

Crafting a Path to Justice:

In the complex world of employment law, our mission is clear: to ensure that the principles of fairness and justice are upheld in every workplace. Our specialization in employment law has allowed us to become leaders in the field, providing expert guidance and unwavering advocacy for our clients.

Advocates for Fair Workplaces:

At Protomanni & Associates, our mission is to create fair and just workplaces where the rights of employees and employers are respected, upheld, and protected. At our Toronto location, our singular focus on employment law has allowed us to become leaders in the field, providing expert guidance and unwavering advocacy for our clients.


The path from our initial vision to its realization has been characterized by unwavering dedication, a resolute commitment to the field of employment law, and an indefatigable resolve to safeguard the rights and interests of all those impacted by workplace complexities.

Our exclusive focus on employment law underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive support to the Toronto community and our unyielding mission to profoundly impact the lives of our clients.

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