david j protomanni

David J. Protomanni

Criminal & Family Lawyer – Owner

A fierce litigator in the courtroom, David has extensive trial experience and limits his practice to the areas of criminal and family law. In 2021, David advocated for his client on a 6-month jury trial, one of the longest trials in the history of the Niagara region.

David is known for his excellent knowledge of the law, his presence in the courtroom, and most notably, the compassion he shows each and every one of his clients.

In his spare time, David enjoys writing and playing music as well spending time with his 2 Labrador Retrievers.

Paul Bauerle family lawyer

Paul M. Bauerle

Senior Family Lawyer

Born and raised in St. Catharines, and now residing in Niagara on the Lake, Paul is a lifelong Niagara resident. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Brock University, making the Dean’s List, and then attended the University of Windsor Law School, graduating in 1992.

Called to the Bar in 1994, Paul spent most of his career working at a large local firm in a number of different practice areas with an emphasis on Family Law. As a senior Family Law counsel at Protomanni & Associates, his practice is devoted exclusively to all that is involved in matters relating to marriage, relationships, separation, and divorce.

Paul brings a wealth of experience to all aspects related to the breakdown of relationships, including: all matters related to children, such as decision-making, parenting time, and child support; spousal support; and, Property division.

Paul advocates for his clients in an aggressive and diligent manner, having appeared in courts in multiple jurisdictions all over Ontario. He is also well versed in alternative dispute matters such as mediation and arbitration. He also understands that a relationship breakdown is often a challenging time for all involved, providing practical and effective advice and direction to meet the individual needs of those he represents.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys travelling to far-off places, and reading history.

Arrange a free initial consultation with Paul to ensure that all of your rights are preserved and protected during this difficult time.

Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson

Of Counsel – Senior Litigation Lawyer

After being called to the Bar in 1996, Brian bravely started his own general practice, earning the building blocks to understanding a wide range of legal issues. Over time, he began specializing in advocacy in the criminal, civil and administrative tribunals.  He has appeared in all levels of Court in Ontario and numerous Tribunals.

Prior to Brian becoming a lawyer, he earned his business degree (BBA hons. Wilfrid Laurier U.) and  started on the ground floor in a unionized environment, working his way up to  management and then strategic and operations planning. He earned his MBA at the University of Toronto along the way.

This business background allowed Brian to accept new challenges in the entertainment and entrepreneurial space becoming a successful CEO of several companies. Brian is still very interested in helping entrepreneurs start up or scale up. He has been involved in start-ups in film & television production, aggregates, cannabis licencing, and high-tech speech equipment.

Brian has earned further credentials in Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is of the belief that litigation should be the last resort and only in the clearest of cases. Brian can provide facilitative and evaluative mediation services, across a broad spectrum of matters, assisting parties to come to the best decision between themselves, and for themselves, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Brian is further trained in Workplace Investigations.  Workplaces should be respectful and positive. Allegations of discrimination, harassment, violence and statutory breaches do occur. As a workplace investigator, combined with his litigation experience,  Brian provides fair and thorough investigations into such matters.

Brian’s legal and business experiences have earned him substantial career capital. He has a reputation of approachability, empathy, and creativity. He can transform challenging multidimensional problems into solutions for you.

At Protomanni & Associates, Brian maintains a civil litigation and mediation practice.

When not advocating for his clients, Brian volunteers a great deal of his time giving back to the community by serving on Boards and volunteering with various organizations.

Jonathan Margolin

Jonathan Margolin

Senior Employment Lawyer



Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having spent years practicing at a major national law firm before deciding to return to Protomanni & Associates where he initially began his legal career. Jonathan has successfully appeared before several courts and tribunals across multiple practice areas, receiving victories for his clients at both the trial and appeal level. He currently focuses his practice exclusively in the area of labour and employment law, handling all types of cases anywhere in Ontario, including:

  • Wrongful dismissals
  • Constructive dismissals
  • Human rights violations
  • Severance package negotiations
  • Employees misclassified as contractors
  • Contract reviews, drafting, negotiations and disputes
  • Workplace harassment
  • Unjust dismissals
  • Illegal layoffs

Jonathan is a skilled negotiator and a fearless litigator who relentlessly advocates for his clients’ best interests. He offers cost-effective and pragmatic solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients in any given situation.

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys long walks on the beach, reliving his youth as an (alleged) rock star, and watching his beloved Maple Leafs disappoint him year after year.

jessie nabuurs

Jessie Nabuurs

Family Lawyer

Jessie is an associate with our Family Law Group. She attended Wilfrid Laurier University, obtaining undergraduate degrees in Criminology and Health Studies. Jessie attended Western Law to obtain her juris doctor and was called to the bar in 2021.

Since beginning her law school career, Jessie has always focused on family law. She strives to be approachable and empathetic with each client while maintaining clear expectations and a realistic outlook. Jessie’s main focus in her practice is to provide clients with clarity and understanding of the legal issues they are facing and formulate legal strategies to achieve the most favourable outcomes.

In her free time, Jessie enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family and golden retriever.

Jack Blozowski

Jack Blozowski

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Born and raised in Burlington, Jack is a deeply disciplined individual who has maintained a passion for helping his clients to achieve justice. Jack’s commitment to justice stems from his experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as well his volunteer work through: Scouts Canada, Tourism Burlington, and Outlaw (an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the legal profession). Although Jack is excited to assist his clients in a wide range of civil disputes, he holds a particular passion for representing members of marginalized groups in cases of harassment and discrimination.

His personal discipline and commitment to excellence, which he utilizes in achieving these goals, is grounded in his time as both a Taekwondo student and instructor. During his high school years, Jack committed many hours to hone and improve his skills as a martial artist, ultimately leading to his earning a Second Degree Black Belt and becoming a Taekwondo instructor. He then worked as an instructor throughout his time at Ryerson University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (with Honours) in Criminology, minoring in Business Law. Jack then earned his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Western Ontario, where he committed himself to the full-time study and practice of law. At Protomanni & Associates, Jack practices in the areas of civil litigation, estate litigation and family law.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys reading, hiking, biking, and playing the odd video game.

Yoon Kim Lawyer

Yoon Kim

Family and Immigration Lawyer

Yoon brings a unique and valuable perspective to the legal field as the first Korean immigrant in Ontario to graduate from a Canadian JD program at Western Law. Hailing from South Korea, Yoon’s personal experiences have fueled his passion for advocacy. His involvement in the student movement for the underprivileged during university, coupled with his firsthand experiences as an immigrant, has shaped his commitment to social justice.

In law school, Yoon continued his dedication to human rights as the vice president of the Western Student Human Rights Association. This involvement showcases his commitment to addressing the challenges faced by people, especially in the context of family and immigration law.

Yoon’s strength lies in his compassion and empathy. He firmly believes that a deep understanding of the difficulties clients might have faced is the foundation for resolving their issues in family and immigration law matters. As a good listener, Yoon actively engages with his clients, aiming to find creative and effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.

At Protomanni & Associates, Yoon’s practice focuses on assisting clients in need of representation for immigration and family law.

Yoon is an avid cyclist and loves watching scientific documentaries in his spare time.

Arjun Bhaga lawyer Protomanni and Associates

Arjun Bhaga

Family, Estates and Real Estate Lawyer.

Born and raised in the Niagara region, Arjun obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from McMaster University in 2015, and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of York in the United Kingdom in 2018. While at York, he was a member of the university’s law school committee, where he assisted in organizing events for both the law school and the general student body. Today, he continues to act as a mentor for fellow international students studying law overseas.

Arjun completed his articles at a personal injury firm in North York, where he gained exposure to the administrative aspects of a law firm. While preparing for the licensing examinations, Arjun worked as a law clerk at Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP in St. Catharines.

After working as an associate in a family law-based firm in Brantford, Ontario, Arjun returned to the Niagara region: the location which he calls home. Arjun understands first hand, the complex challenges of families, as he hails from a working-class family, and is deeply family orientated. Using his own personal background of having large and interrelated families, Arjun’s practice at Protomanni & Associates focuses on both family law and estate litigation. Arjun thoroughly enjoys assisting families achieve what is just, in order to meet their legal and emotional needs at once.

In his spare time, Arjun enjoys cooking, and making cocktails, and maintains a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym.

Paul Fahy Paralegal

Paul Fahy


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Paul developed a love for music and the arts at a young age. After working in the music industry for several years, Paul relocated to Niagara Falls in 2009 and shifted his focus to design and branding. During his ten-year career in the creative sector, he developed a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for helping clients achieve their marketing objectives.

In 2019, Paul’s interest in law sparked his ambition to pursue a career in the legal profession. As a paralegal at Protomanni & Associates, Paul is an integral part of ensuring that our criminal lawyers are apprised of every facet of their clients’ matters. Paul appears in set-date court, completes peace bonds, and represents clients who have Provincial Offence charges. Paul also maintains his own carriage of small claims matters.

Erica Killik-Randall

Erica Killik-Randall

Law Clerk

Erica was born and raised in Hamilton and moved to Niagara Falls in 2012. Learning about her love for law after being called for jury duty on her 18th birthday, Erica decided that law was the career for her. Since graduating Mohawk College in 2004, Erica has continued working as a law clerk and has worked in various areas of law and eventually narrowing down her expertise to family law, exclusively. Erica’s passion for law has now continued over 18 years. In addition to law, Erica understands and has assisted with the dynamics of running a business including the bookkeeping and ongoing management.

At Protomanni & Associates, Erica lends her expertise to all of Mr. Protomanni’s matters, making sure her clients are always advised of how their matter is proceeding.

In her spare time, Erica spends time with family and building LEGO sets.

Alishia Lavallie

Alishia Lavallie

Family Law Clerk – Paralegal

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Alishia moved to Niagara Falls in 2015. After graduating Cambrian College in 2007, Alishia began her career path as a law clerk with a focus in Family and Criminal Law. Alishia also has a background in small claims and employment law. After 15 years’ experience, Alishia continued her studies and obtained her paralegal license in 2022.

At Protomanni & Associates, Alishia works alongside David, ensuring that every family client is continuously updated with respect to how their matter is progressing. Alishia is a vital part of our strong family law team.

In her spare time, Alishia plays ringette along with volunteering as a coach.


Paul Hammond

Legal Assistant

Paul was born and raised in the beautiful city of St. Catharines, where he continues to reside with his family.

Paul graduated from Niagara College’s Law Clerk program, what he considers “many moons ago”. After graduating, Paul began working at the law firm of Chown, Cairns Lawyers LLP, now known as Lancaster Chown & Welch LLP.

Paul prides himself on his humbleness, often going above and beyond without ever looking for recognition. His vision is to build a better tomorrow.

He is a member of the Grantham Lions Club, a board member with the Greater Niagara Humane Society, a board member with Victim Services Niagara, and a board member with Toolbox Project Niagara.

Aside from his community involvement, Paul has a number of hobbies. He enjoys reading, word search puzzles, playing guitar, weightlifting, cycling, photography, and taking in the great outdoors. He also enjoys fine cigars, whiskies, and bourbons.

However, above all, Paul enjoys spending quality time in the company of his family and friends.

At Protomanni & Associates, Paul lends his experience and expertise to all of Mr. Bauerle’s matters, making sure that each and every client is treated with the utmost level of professionalism and respect.

Cassandra Pena

Cassandra Pena

Receptionist, Legal Assistant

Cassandra was born and raised in Thorold, Ontario. Cassandra first began her post-secondary education at University of Toronto, with an interest in drama and creative writing.  She then switched gears and focused on obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, with a minor in Sociology, graduating from Brock University in 2018, with Honours. With a passion for law, justice, and helping others, Cassandra enrolled in the Paralegal Program at Mohawk College, and graduated in 2022 with Honours. Cassandra has experience working in a law firm that specialized in Provincial Offences and summary conviction criminal matters.

At Protomanni & Associates, Cassandra is the friendly face you will first encounter as a client of our firm. She is responsible for directing all calls in an efficient manner to our firm’s lawyers, clerks and paralegals. She is responsible for all client intakes, and has the biggest responsibility of making new clients feel at ease when they come to our firm for a consultation. She also assists Mr. Lozano in our real estate department, to ensure all home closings are facilitated smoothly.

In her spare time,  Cassandra enjoys volunteer tutoring and giving back to her community, and advocating and supporting various organizations that she’s passionate about. She also enjoys drinking iced coffee, and going to the beach.

Dana Bayley Paralegal

Dana Bayley

Paralegal – Office Manager

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Dana always knew her life would be one of service. For fifteen years, Dana practiced as a nurse in the areas of behavioural health, palliative care and surgical. In 2013, Dana returned to her studies to become a Licensed Paralegal.  At Protomanni & Associates, Dana’s role evolved from appearing in criminal court on matters, to managing staff and running the firm.

In her spare time, Dana pretends she is living her dream life as a chef, cooking up storms in her kitchen. She’s an avid traveler and adores her 2 dogs, Ricky and Romi.

Irene Petsinis

Irene Petsinis

Legal Assistant

Irene comes from a diverse background, originally working in various finance roles and ultimately obtaining her mortgage broker license. Irene changed career paths and began her career as a family law assistant in February 2023, although she continues to act as a mortgage broker.

She works primarily with Jessie Nabuurs, assisting with all administrative duties and client management. Irene approaches clients with a compassionate tone and a view to provide additional accessibility to the firm’s clients.

In her free time, Irene enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, or out with friends at their trailer.

brooke hernder

Brooke Hernder

Law Clerk

Meet Brooke, our newly graduated law clerk. With a background in the hospitality industry and a passion for people, she transitioned to law from over a decade of work in hospitality, after graduating from Niagara College. Born and raised in Niagara-On-The-Lake Ontario, Brooke takes pride in building meaningful connections and providing top-notch customer service.

At Protomanni & Associates, Brooke assists our senior employment lawyer, Jonathan Margolin, in all aspects of his files. Outside of work, she enjoys the company of her little dog, and indulging in some guilty pleasures- reality TV.