A Will can be the most important document drafted in your lifetime. It not only allows you to determine how your want your property and assets divided, but also name a guardian for your children should you pass away unexpectedly.

Family dynamics and grief can lead to complications over the estate of a loved one. Protomanni & Associates takes pride and care in designing your Will in a way that anticipates and avoids disputes and unwarranted litigation.

Should the need arise for litigation, Protomanni & Associates will fiercely advocate your position and guide you through the court process.

Will Pricing

Single Person – $399 + tx

Couple – $699 + tx

Powers of Attorney for Property
& Personal Care

Single Person – $299 + tx

Couple – $499 + tx

PACKAGE: Will and Powers
of Attorney

Single Person – $599 + tx

Couple – $999 + tx

Additional Services We Offer:

Last Will & Testament

Living Will

Power Of Attorney For Property

Power Of Attorney For Personal Care

Mirror Wills Between Spouses

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