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I retained the services of David Protomanni recently and I can't say enough positive words about this law firm. When you hire David, you get the entire team working on your matter. The communication is outstanding. Emails are always addressed right away. Fees are excellent. He is knowledgeable, and such a nice guy. No other lawyer like him around. If I could rate this firm 10 stars, I would.
An unfortunate thing happened to me and I knew I needed help. After calling several lawyers, I decided to contact Mr. Protomanni after reviewing all the success, high-rating and positive comments. They worked on my case and the outcome proved their hard work. I highly recommend this law firm if you need any kind of help.
He is a caring compassionate man. He is not judgemental, compassionate, and works so hard for his clients. Clients always come first. Hes professional and reliable when you need him, he is always there. He went above and beyond for me and Im happy hes out there to help others. This is who you want in your corner.
Dave saved my career and restored my faith in the system, word's can't express my gratitude and i will always remember everything Dave and his team did for me to go over and beyond. If it were possible i woud give you guys a 100 star review because thats what you really deserve, always giving it over 100% by going over and beyond expectations and achieving the best possible outcome for your client(s). From the initial phone call with Dave's receptionist I knew his team was compassionate and understanding as she listened to me and was very helpful. The day I met Dave and his team i was under a lot of stress due to some unfortunate events happeneing where I was wrongfully accused of a crime. After talking to Dave and appointing him as my lawyer i was able to calm down and just relax the next few months because he took care everything very fast and always went the extra mile to assure me he would do his best. This made me as a client feel very confident and at ease with no stress. He also helped restore my faith in the system, initially i was afraid to be targeted again by discrimination so i didn't go out much at all. He helped me put things behind and gain my confidence to move forward with my career and life. I had a Job promotion and a new business on the line but with Dave as my Lawyer i was always cool with no stress. i will always be thankful and i wish all the best for you and your team in the future! You guys are OUTSTANDING! I would definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND PROTOMANNI & ASSOCIATES to anyone seeking their services!! THANKS SO MUCH again for everything, wish you all the best in life Dave!
There are truly no words for the kind of professionalism, work ethic and knowledge of the law our family received from David Protomanni. Our son and our family was suddenly placed in a very stressful and unfair custody battle and David and his legal team worked around the clock to be sure we had the proper documentation to put us in the strongest position possible in court. The outcome was peacefully settled much to our satisfaction and we couldn’t be happier. I have never known a lawyer to fight so fiercely for his clients yet balance it with such care, kindness and compassion that only David can. It is a balance that is lost on most lawyers. I also have the utmost of praise for David’s wife and legal assistant Dana as her commitment to walk you through the process in a calm, caring and compassionate manner and make you feel you are their top priority is the kind of customer service you don’t see anymore. Protomanni Law is a true credit to the legal profession and is dedicated to achieving only the best outcome for each and every client. Our family is beyond grateful!
I was facing a 60 day consecutive sentence, fines and most likely a long probation term for a 2nd dui charge. I work full time in health care so this would have been devastating to my life. I was looking at losing everything. I never had a lawyer before but I got a good vibe after reading the reviews of this firm. Turns out, after meeting with David and Dana, they are not a "firm". They are actually good, honest people who are doing a job, yes, but who also care about you and are there to help. They never made me feel like I was a lesser person because of my situation. They were always there answering emails and phone calls when I needed them. When it seemed like the world looked at me like a bad person and a criminal, they looked and treated me like a human being. In the end, David came through. Instead of 60 day sentence, I got a 30 and only weekends. No fines. Shortened probation period and a sense that everything will work out. David worked with me on payments for his services and the price was very reasonable. Whomever is reading this post, I know its awful whatever you are facing and even with a lawyers help, it will still be difficult. However, if it were not for David Protomanni, my life would be SO much more difficult. God sent me to these guardian angels and they truly took care of me. Thank You!!
The entire team at Protomanni & Associates provided me with excellent service and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable during the entire process. I was also impressed with how prompt the communication was. I am extremely grateful for my experience with this team and I would recommend them over and over again. Thank you for the superb representation!
I used Derek Ang's services recently and found him to be friendly, helpful, efficient and very thorough. I would very definitely not hesitate to use his services again. Highly recommended
David and Dana work as an amazing team and provided incredible service. From day one of reaching out to David he made me feel welcomed, understood and not judged I was wrongly accused of a crime that could have affected the future of my career, and ultimately destroyed my life. David and Dana saw that and worked tirelessly, going above and beyond (evenings, weekends, etc.) to get my charge withdrawn in pretty record time. If you're charged with a criminal offense I highly recommend Protomanni Law. They will treat you as a human, make you feel heard and understood, and do everything in their power to get the best resolution possible.
David and his staff are professional, compassionate, supportive, and understanding. From the initial meeting through to the successful resolution of my legal matter, I knew that I was in good hands with Protomanni Law. I highly recommend their firm and am truly thankful to David and his team for all of their efforts.
He is a caring compassionate man. He is not judgemental, compassionate, and works so hard for his clients. Clients always come first. Hes professional and reliable when you need him, he is always there. He went above and beyond for me and Im happy hes out there to help others. This is who you want in your corner.
David and Dana have been really generous with me and have helped me throughout hard times. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. They've even considered offering me a job just to get back on my feet, it was quite an offer to say the least however my family was more important but I still keep in touch. I'd recommend their legal advice to anybody who fits there assistants. Protomanni and associates are very loyal and friendly and are they're to help give people like me a second chance. Yours truly,
David and his staff are incredible people. My case was very difficult and dealt with an issue that rocked our family. Not only was David very professional and knowledgeable, but he was exceptionally compassionate and understanding. He made me feel like I could trust him with my life. If you need a lawyer who both knows his way around a courtroom and sincerely cares for his clients, then David and his team are for you.
I highly highly recommend protomanni law. From my personal experience i felt so welcomed and at a sense of ease knowing that Dave and Dana were there to respresent me. They both are very on top of things and so supportive and also very very professional. They get matters taken care of and are there for you through every step. I do not know what would have happened if they werent there representing me. Best decisions I ever made. Thanks again Dana and Dave.
I can't say enough about how great David is. He came to see my son in custody a number of times and always kept us up to date on what was going on with our matter. Very easy guy to talk to and actually cares about his clients. Highly recommended this great young lawyer.
Best Criminal lawyer you can ever find 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻
I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and Professionalism Mr. Protomanni and Staff provided for my case. Highly recommend Protomanni Law office ! Class and Compassion Best Lawyer I ever had.
Hes a sick lawyer never done me any wrong. the time he got me was a blessing! when ever i wanted bail he got me it when surety was there. hes the guy. highly recommended.
David and Dana are honestly the best legal team I've had the chance of dealing with. I met David on the day of my case, he had his other cases as well to deal with but he took the time to sit with me and talk and when I asked him to be my lawyer he accepted on the spot. This was beyond amazing because i had yet to retain him but he spoke on my matter in court for me that day! David and Dana were patient, empathic and most importantly they were kind honest people. Dana was amazing on my final day in court as everything her and David did got me the outcome I was praying for and for that I am beyond grateful guys !! I recommend protomanni law to anyone seeking assistance in the Niagara region! You won't regret it! Thanks so much!!
David and Dana work together as an amazing team. David is a lawyer who cares, he listens and thinks outside the box! In life you need people around you who can solve problems should they arise - I wouldn't hesitate to count on the Protomanni's for anything I needed assistance on in the future. Give them a call, you won't be disappointed.
A! service from David for the outstanding support and customer service aswell as his patience! I live more than an hour away from St Catherines and he dealt with everything over the phone, I didn't have to see him once and always kept me updated asap! highly recommended